• Jane Harris

Working out some questions about space & sky...and a brief reminder to be ones own self!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The Space Above & Between. 12x9. Monoprint & Chine-colle

What do we have to say with our art? Being an artist isn't just about making work you can sell or meets some standard of another artist eye. Sure selling art is all well and good, after all we all love a win from time to time. Finding acceptance from our PEERS is also nice, but at what cost? We can't let anyone else write our narrative, especially with our own art! To me being an artist is the thought behind something, my thoughts. What am I asking? What is the answer? Is there an answer? How to express that idea to fulfill the artist within...

There is so much we can learn from one another, that I am sure of. But at the end of day I have to return to my studio and work from within!

In a workshop the other day I started in with color and depth. It wasn't until days later I was able to piece everything together. I have found mixing printmaking and layers of Chine-colle can help me write the story that is in my head. I am always so taken by our proximity to the sky here on the coast. I sometimes feel as though I can reach up and touch the sky...that I can bottle up the clouds. I'll admit this was a childhood fantasy of mine. It may have also included eating said clouds...haha! The lines that form and move so quickly need to be captured and given a platform to sit and rest for us to realize the space above & between!

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