• Jane Harris

Wallpaper Murals!

Wallpaper Mural Workshop at Art Center Sarasota

I am so filled with creativity and love from this great workshop yesterday! Everyone was into the flow of this fun mixed media project. Working large can really push us to think big and try new things. We started with a 5 ft piece of textured wallpaper and endless supplies! True story...I think I moved most of my studio for this class! haha! It WAS clean for a day, now I have to sort back through it. That can be fun though. I tend to get easily sidetracked by fun materials so we'll see what trouble I get into next week in the studio.

Hopefully I can find a date to have this workshop again in March. It will of course be longer, we could have kept going all night!

I feel so blessed to have spent this time with these artists, so inspiring and engaging...made new friends and shared with old friends. Life is good.

Share love and art as often as you can!

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