• Jane Harris

OPUS 2019 - New Works

Updated: May 15, 2019

OPUS 2019 was a fun event! A juried exhibition of 29 Tampa Bay area working artists. I am humbled to be accepted into this show alongside many talented artists! As working artists we put everything we have into our practice and it is always nice to be recognized for this! I applaud anyone who puts themselves out there...its not as easy as it seems! It's not just about the pretty pictures you see...its all the work you don't see, the time spent, the failures and criticizers that have either knocked us down and of course those that build us up. Being an artist for me isn't a choice...uggggggggg! HA! So next time you see something and think, "hey I could do that!" Say thank you to the artist first...and know it is a very long journey. Try to make it fun and don't forget the attitude of gratitude!!

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