• Jane Harris

Mono-printing for the WIN!

I spent the morning playing with shapes and lines. I have started to really love Akua inks. They are totally opposite from my traditional relief inks in that they dry by absorption and with layering you can get new unexpected color shifts. I really have to limit my palette or I go crazy. You can easily go from lovely to muddy mess in an instant!

So where was my brain...well, I was helping my husband clean out some flat files a while back, he is an engineer, and the flat files were seriously filled to the tippy top with plans. Plans for all sorts of projects. I fell in love with the lines. So many lines to tell a story his trained eye could understand. So many contours everywhere! I kept the inspiration but had no application for it in my daily print practice. Then Mono-printing hit...something I don't do very often if at all! SO here I am looking at print through new eyes. I'm excited to continue answering some of my questions about planes, shapes, lines & color!

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