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iconcept - Beaux Arts Ball 2019

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

It's been an art filled month of the weird and wacky! I've had classes that inspire and delight all ages, curator work that has given many artists a platform to showcase their great work, my own practice that has taken me to new levels of texture and layers in the studio and the cherry on top (I've decided) is my latest project "iconcept - Beaux Arts Ball" I will be designing a runway costume for this great fundraiser for Art Center Sarasota.

The theme is Kaleidoscope...ummmm OKAY! I love the exploration of just how to make it work, in whatever project I take on. The best part of being an artist is the process....mmmmmmm process!

So where am I going with this you ask...TESSELLATING ORIGAMI for the win! As of this moment I am around 400 pieces in...400 different size and color of the same exact origami pyramid box. I'm pretty sure I have no finger print on my left hand index...ugggg origami problems.

The event is on April 12th at Art Ovation downtown SRQ. Be there or be...Trilateral?

Stay tuned to my home page as I will be uploading sneak peeks in the coming weeks!

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