• Jane Harris

Floating through the week like the world is my... cream puff?

I always start with good intentions at any holiday... So this cracks me up. Somehow I went from having the crazy week from hell to floating along through the week like the world is my oyster!

I hate oysters and I never understood that analogy. Why not something less slimy and e coli ridden...cream puff, hazelnut creamer, yoga mat, canvas! Yes, Yes CANVAS mjuch better than cream puff! Might have been done...hmmmmm. But I digress, my point is I actually made a Christmas card on time this year....and printed it! Haha!!

Back to Happenings...

I love a sweet little carve and I LOVE CARDMAKING! No one sends mail anymore. Amazon does NOT count. So why not send holiday cheer that isn't just social media posts but something you can touch and smell and keep forever.

Fact, I still have the last Christmas Card my mother sent me. And others, so many others! So why not send out cards to anyone who wants one?

These are not for sale! I will not sell my Christmas Cheer. Instead if you want my Florida inspired Holiday scene please go to my Contact page leave your email and address. I'll send one right out!

Stay fly this holiday season and enjoy each, art, cuddles, food, laughing, sharing and anything that makes your day the best day everyday!

Jane's plug...give the gift of creating! A loom kit for kids, or coding book for the teens, or a grill for your cook and hunky husband, Moleskin journal and a pencil if you just don't know what to give ...The best part of my day is making so go help make a maker this season!

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