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Chaos & Control

The Greatest Show is the latest in my series of Deconstructed Works.

This piece is currently being shown at Art Center Sarasota in their 2018/19 Instructors Show.

Most days my brain works in print...print, print, print. "Oh, how would that work in print. What would be carved...what mark...inks, layers, registration" and so on and so on. But then almost out of nowhere its like I'm caught up in a current and I can't get away...and this happens. I'm elbow deep in layer upon layer of acrylic paint and who knows what else I can find and toss in/on.

Of course I'm more inclined to the process above rushing to the finish but there is something so immediate in painting that doesn't happen with my relief prints. Perhaps that is why I switch back and forth.

Chaos & Control

Control & Chaos

The Greatest Show is my reaction to another groups declaration...but who is doing what? I'll leave it there as anymore detail would be too telling of my intent and not the viewers experience.

The Greatest Show. 12 x 36. Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Death's Head Hawk Moth. Block Print Gold on Lotka Paper. 12x9 Image. 20 x 16 framed. The Greatest Show. 12x36. Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Here are my most recent finished pieces.  I wrapped both of these up for the ACS Instructor Show. Running from now through January 4th 2019.

The print, The Death Moth or Acherontia styx has been my focus in the studio for the entire month of October.  What a fun carving month that was!  My fingers are still numb.  Of course this is the study to my much larger version I used in early November to be pulled by a steamroller over in Fort Lauderdale.  See my blog for those details.  

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