• Jane Harris

Atomic #10...FTW...NEON!

Updated: May 15, 2019

So much vibrancy in the studio this month with these Guerra pigments added to my inks. Talk about a game changer!!! I'm seeing new possibilities in my practice with these electric colors!

I have been so busy with various projects but adding something new to my practice is always welcome! I love these pigments for so many reasons. You can use them in most any medium given you have a binder. For my printmaking practice I've introduced Akua inks and these pigments provide a more extended palette than I've been able to achieve with other inks. I love examining the layers and transparency with these colors. So many possibilities!

I typically use 3 different brands or makers of inks. I find each to have their purpose for the outcome. I love them all only a mother could! HAHA!

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