• Jane Harris

2018...The End

I love making a list of intentions at the end of the year and then revisiting them periodically. As needed to remind myself of the progress I've made or to refocus myself in times of doubt..."Stay on track woman!"..."Remember me?! Show me attention!" And there are always those times, ever often, that I fall down the artist rabbit hole and need to find the surface again!

I'm not inclined to share said list but to note that this is one of my processes in life.

2018 was such a long year in reflection. SO many experiences had...good life lessons and some that stung a bit too much. I made new connections I cherish dearly! I had some interesting breakthroughs in the studio with my daily practice. Lastly I spent so many hours, days and weeks bringing art to adults and children. One of my favorite parts of 2018 was a change in instruction venue. I'm happy to be working alongside so many talented artists and inspiring students at Art Center Sarasota.

What will 2019 hold? I need to finalize that least the beginning, there never really is a hard end! Always building and expanding.

Lastly....This gold is legit my favorite new addition to my materials! Cranfield really does make my favorite printmaking ink. They make a line called Caligo Safe Wash Ink that is so superior to any other oil based ink cleans up so easily with just water. Brilliant product guys! They recently sent me a great set of ink all the way from the UK to share in my printmaking workshops. I love introducing people to great tools and products. Thank you Cranfield!

Tessellation obsession

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