Jane Harris

Jane Harris is a printmaker & painter who lives and works in Sarasota Florida.  She is a prolific instructor teaching all range of media from adults to children alike.  Her formal education came from Herron School of Art majoring in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History she has also studied abroad in Pont-Aven France, Painting & Sculpture, and London, Art History.

Jane’s primary passion in creating prints is to work with shape and color. Her subject matter is the subtropical landscape around her and, while she makes observational drawings and photograph in the landscape, the design drawings that result in prints are very much her own creation in the studio. She is not particularly interested in producing an accurate reproduction of a specific site, but more to evoke the emotion found within.  Currently you can find her exploring her interest in patterns, tessellations from nature, lines, contours and topographic elevations.

As a printmaker she works in linocut block prints or monotype prints. She has a passion for manipulating the techniques and specific art media to suit the images. Her intent is to create in a new fresh manner each and every time.

When painting you can find her deep into color and texture.  Exploring the relation between color fields and planes. 

Her work has been shown nationally and in private collections across the United States. 


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