My Story

I am an Indiana native and now reside in Southwest Florida, working full-time as a painter and printmaker.  I like to think of myself as an artist by nature and a teacher by choice.  I love leading workshops to share my gift and joy of art with others. 


Switching between the two mediums gives me the opportunity to explore different ideas and evolve my style.   I believe art is ever changing, always presenting a new challenge and discovery.  As artists we need to follow that ever winding path to stay fresh and alive.  I am a firm believer in the process.  The process is so much more important than the end result!   



I love having the flexibility of painting in my studio when the mood strikes to start a series.  I love the process of oil painting and the ease of acrylic painting.  I am intrigued by watercolor & absolutely love the texture of gouache.  Painting is an emotional & physical release and always leads me right back to my prints!  



The magic of printmaking! While my journey as an artist has been long and winding I have always enjoyed trying new mediums.  To experiment is what keeps me excited about art and life.  My journey into printmaking all came about one day while walking through the gardens at a museum.  I was sitting in a hidden spot with my sketchbook and was playing around with negative space and I couldn't figure out the best way to express the beauty of that moment.  The next day I bought a piece of battleship grey linoleum and a few tools and away I went!  I haven't since turned back, everything about it just made sense.   I have an obsession with patterns in nature and more specifically tessellations! Finding my inspiration in shapes and the extremes of light and dark...and of course the process! 


My background includes a formal education from Herron School of Art in Fine Arts and Art History.  I studied all mediums of studio art from Sculpture, Oil Painting, Book Making/Artist Books, Furniture Design, Figure Drawing, 

My Art History background centered around Renaissance Art & Architecture.

With more education abroad I formed my love of landscapes and plein air painting.  I studied at Pont-Aven School of Fine Art in France focusing on Oil Painting and Installation Sculpture.  It was here that I knew living every day as an artist was the most natural thing I had ever felt.  

My time in London solidified my need for museum life!  

I have been teaching workshops and art classes for many years.  I love sharing the exploration of art and this gift with others.  Holding classes for large groups to private classes and workshops in all mediums and styles of art.  

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